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Active Substance: FluoxymesteronePack: 30 tabs. [5mg/tab]What Is Halotestine  (fluoxymesterone) 5Mg 30 Tabs Roid Plus ?Halotestin is a anabolic steroid that is generally preferred by powerlifters and strength athletes in USA.Its generic nam..

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Active Substance: Fluoxymesterone
Pack: 30 tabs. [5mg/tab]

What Is Halotestine  (fluoxymesterone) 5Mg 30 Tabs Roid Plus ?

Halotestin is a anabolic steroid that is generally preferred by powerlifters and strength athletes in USA.Its generic name is Fluoxymasterone but, it's commonly known as halotestion at the internet market.Halotestin is 19x as anabolic as testosterone and 8.5x as androgenic.Halotestine has no estrogenic activity thus, it does not cause any anti estrogenic side effects like gynocomastia and water retention.So you don't need to use anti-esterogen drugs such as nolvadex, clomid, anastrozole. But, it has liver toxic effect so i'd recommend you to take carsil or milk thistle together with halotestin and i would not recommend more than 6 weeks of use, 40mgs/day doses.According to my experience to get the optimum yield with that drug you should take it about 30 minutes prior to training.Halostestin has volumactive effect on the human body. It shows effects up very fast so it is generally preferred at the stage preparing a contest to get a ready appearance as quick as possible.Halotestine has pretty a deep effect on red blood cell production, and this action is simply one of the clearest mechanisms by which it is thought to apply its effects with regards to improving strength and power levels.It can also increase protein anabolism, decrease protein catabolism and leads to positive nitrogen balance when sufficient calories are provided.

In short, halotestine gives you muscle, strength and aggression.Side effects are rare. The optimal time of use is 6 weeks.And the recommended dosage is 20-30 mgs/day.Finally, just an advice, you should take halotestin in the period while you were doing the hardest workouts.

Side Effects :

The most common side effects of Halotestin are; aggression, liver damage, and acne. It has no estrogenic side effects so you don't need a post cycle therapy during use of halotestin.

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When you use anabolic steroids with or without your knowlegde about them can be harmful for your body. They can also cause deaths. We suggest, you must choose the brand of products and shop from trustfull stores. Our company warns you about all side effects and risks about these products. And we do not accept any responsibility about side effects and problems. Btw we do not offer these products under 20 years old. Unconscious steroid and medicine use can be dangerous and harmful. They can disease your body and your psychology.

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