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1) Do I have to be a member of your website to place an order?

It is not possible to buy as guests from our site. You must be a member of our site in order to place an order. Our site is 100% secure and under SSL protection. Your membership information is never shared with 3rd parties.

2) How can I become a member of your website and how can I order?

You can sign up by clicking the "ACCOUNT" button at the top right of the site. Or, when you put the products in the cart, you will see the membership section after completing your order. It is very simple to shop on our site. Put the products in your cart and complete the order. Options related to payment methods and shipping methods will appear.

3) Do you have a minimum order amount?

No, we do not have such an application.

4) What are your Payment Methods?

Western Union

7) Are there any countries where insurance is not valid?

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines are the countries where insurance is not available. We cannot guarantee delivery of your order even if you pay the price.

8) Do my orders reach me definitively?

Paying over 10% with the insurance option, even if your order is lost, broken, confiscated at the customs we ensure that your order reaches you 100%. Most of our customers use this feature.

9) Why are my orders delayed?

In busy periods during public holidays, such as New Year's Eve delays may occur. Country customs sometimes make general checks, also during this period your orders can be delivered to you later than the normal process. This is normal.

10) Do you provide tracking number for my orders?

Yes, all your orders will be sent to you within a few days after your payment.

11) What is GetMoney?

It is a customer loyalty program that earns as you order. When you shop, your money is in your membership accumulates. Whenever you want, you can use it for your next purchases.