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What is Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is a virtural Money currency that has beed created for users that wants to send or accept Money on the internet safely. It has no physical being whatsoever. The whole idea behind the Bitcoin is based on anonimity and cutting the middle man on Money transfers. It is a crypted peer to peer payment system that allows us making or recieving payments and NOT sharing any information with any third party. 

Making / Recieving Payments 

For sending or recieving Bitcoins, we need a Bitcoin wallet; which is an app or a software that can be used both on your phone or computer. Online Money transfer becomes very easy and cheap with this revolution called Bitcoin. We install the wallet program, type in the amount, type in the recievers adress and hit send. That is it. After we press send, our payment becomes cryptedly stored somewhere on the internet. 

How Easy? How Secure? 

When you make payments with your debit or credit cards, there some issues like 3D security, subscribtions and other difficulties that you might be required to share some information with a third party. These are rather more difficult ways than making payements with Bitcoin. Because with Bitcoin, you would only be typeing in and address and the amount. There no other information or process will be required from you. Even when you make your payments with Western Union, you need an account and subscription to make or recieve payements. This means you share your information with a third party. With Bitcoin payment, you have a truest anonimity. Even though Bitcoin is an open source program and everyone can see everything, this might not necesserily means you are not anonymous. 

The System 

The Bitcoin system is based on “decenteralazation” of everything in need to maket he system work. Open source code system and the idea and the system behind the “mining” makes Bitcoin is an uncontrolable for anyone. Everyday, individuals help and check and control the transactions with allowing their computer to be a part of collective Bitcoin computer. This way, people let Bitcoin system use their computer power to make and inspect the transactions on Bitcoin universe. For this generousity, a small amount of Bitcoin is rewarded to them. This way nobody can monopolise the Bitcoin mining pools because the reward is so little that you must litterally calculate your electric bill and other costs while your computer is mining.

How to Buy BitCoin with Credit Card or Debit Card?

All you need to do is explained below;

1- Make your order from our site, and calculate how much Bitcoins you need.

2- Open a Btcoin wallet address. You can open it on Electrum, Binance, Blockchain etc. When you did it you have a Bitcoin Wallet address.

3- Buy Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Wallet with your credit card or debit card from Paybis.com, cashapp.com or any other Bitcoin exchange platform.

4- Final step: Send the Bitcoins you bought from your wallet to our wallet. You can find our Bitcoin wallet address (You will pay to this wallet address) at the section of payment methods. You should choose Bitcoin Payment Method. After you finish payment just let us know transection is done. We will check our Bitcoin account and we will ship out your order at once. Bitcoin is the fastest, the most secure and easiest way to pay.

We want to suggest some safe platform to buy Bitcoin through credit card or debit card:

FIRST OPTION IS CASH APP (click detailed guide for Cash App)

The majority knows what a Cash App is thanks to its strong level of protection and user-friendly forms of payment. This payment service technology provides an opportunity to convert one mobile application to another with a snap of the fingers. Launched in 2013, it quickly gained extreme popularity among millions of users. Join a Cash App community here.

Pros: Swift, smooth and easy transactions. Secure. Investment in stock with no commissions. Compensations facilitation.

Cons: No FDIC coverage. First 30 days of using have some limitations. The usage of this app is only possible in the USA and the UK.


PAYBIS is one of the safest platform to buy bitcoin via credit card or debit card. It is faster other bitcoins exchange platfroms as well. Paybis offers the lowest commision rate. Those’re why we said that as first choice.

How Can i Buy Bitcoin with PAYBIS.COM ?

As explained above, at first you need to make your order from our website to know how much bitcoins you will need. After you did that. Visit Paybis.com and follow these steps below:

You need to open a Bitcoin Wallet (account). You can use Electrum, Blockchain or Binance to create it. Now you have a bitcoin wallet number.

Visit Paybis.com sign up after confirming your Paybis account you can buy bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet number through your credit card or debit card.

At this step, you have bitcoins in your wallet. Finally, you need to send the bitcoins you bought from your wallet to our wallet. You can see our wallet number at 6th step of your order or you can find it the order-confirmation e-mail we sent eftsoon you placed the order.

o That’s all. Payment was completed. Please do not forget to send an e-mail regarding you made the payment [email protected].

Also, we share a video regarding how to buy bitcoins with credit card: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhg_pvk4w5E

THIRD OPTION COINBASE (most trustfull exchange for USA Clients)

There are many investors on the world who use coinbase for bitcoin trades and sending-receiving transactions. Coinbase has more than 70 million users in over 100 countries. Coinbase includes more than 1000 cryptocurrencies in application. Click here to create an Coinbase account.

What are advantages of Coinbase?

High level security. 100% legal. Easy using. Insurance opportunity.

What are Disadvantages of Coinbase?

Higher fees than other applications. Only to use USA, UK and Europe countries.


-  First download Trust Wallet App for your phone. App will provide you 12 keywords please keep it for recovering your wallet.
-  On the Wallet page, click the "Buy" button and choose cryptocurrency selected while your are placing order on Getroids1.net (BTC and LTC most popular)
- Enter the amount to buy in USD 
- Complete your purchase with Apple Pay or Credit card. 
- After your payment complete go back to your wallet and click send button.
- Choose the currency (placed order on Getroids1.net) LTC or BTC 
- Scan or paste Cryptocurrency address (provided by Getroids1.net order page)  and enter total amount of your order and your order will be finalized.
- Now everything is okey. Open your Getroids1.net account and click submit payment info to notify us about payment or you can mail to [email protected] 


We think really eToro can be almost most popular crypto site in other crypto platforms. It has more than 25 million users on the world. Click here to create an Etoro account.

What are advantages of eToro?

Regulated by FCA. Very low fees. Insured. This company founded in 2007.

What are Disadvantages of eToro?

Only one account currency.


BitBuy is best place to buy bitcoin who live in Canada people. Canada government has strict rules to buy bitcoin but if you use BitBuy it is not difficult for Canadian citizens. Especially we advise this company for Canada users. Click here to create an BitBuy account.

What are advantages of BitBuy?

Audited and Registered. Low transaction fees. So secure. Easy using. 9 most popular cryptocurrencies available.

What are Disadvantages of BitBuy?

Only available in Canada and only accepting CAD currency.

Other great famous platforms: Blockchain, Kraken; Huobi, Crypto, Mexc, Poloniex, Coinmama, LocalBitcoins, Gemini, Binance, Uphold, Gate, KuCoin, FTX, Bitfinex, ByBit, and many others.

In the end, here is a short summary for Bitcoin Payment Selections :

Best for beginners: Cash App

To buy Bitcoin quickly: Coinmama

Best overall: Coinbase

To buy Bitcoin anonymously: LocalBitcoins, Blockchain, TrustWallet, Metamask

For Canadian users: BitBuy

If you want to buy steroids with credit card with other ways please click.