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Viagire 30 tabs. 50mg Roid Plus


Active Substance: Sildenafil Pack: 30 tabs. [50mg/tab]What Is Viagire 30 tabs. 50mg Roid Plus  ? Maintaining sturdy penile erection is easier now with ViagraErectile Dysfunction, an age old physical inappropriateness for men, is suffered ..

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Active Substance: Sildenafil

Pack: 30 tabs. [50mg/tab]

What Is Viagire 30 tabs. 50mg Roid Plus  ?

Maintaining sturdy penile erection is easier now with Viagra
Erectile Dysfunction, an age old physical inappropriateness for men, is suffered by many. Commonly known as ED, this actually affects the natural penile erection for men even at the time of sexual stimulation as well. For natural reasons, this brings unsatisfactory sexual life. 

There are medications available for this treatment in the form of Sildenafil Citrate. This belongs to a group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors which is especially used for the treatment of ED. This medication actually helps achieving sufficient penile erection for men during the sexual 

The prime activity of Viagra

As it is already described that the key ingredient of Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate and this actually increases the blood circulation into the male penile organs which actually causes the sturdy erection during the sexual stimulation. But, it is also true that the medication will not bring the desired result without appropriate sexual stimulation. 
The initial finding suggested that this medication is very much helpful for the treatment of hypertension and cardiovascular dieses. But it was lately that the researchers have found its effectiveness for providing firm and prolonged erection. 

The different forms of Viagra.

This effective medication is available in different forms like tablets and capsules. Moreover, it is also available in different names by various manufacturers. Commonly the medication is available in blue colored and diamond shaped tablet form. There are various nonmedicinal ingredients present in the tablets and those are – anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, croscarmellose sodium, FD&C Blue No. 2 Aluminum lake, hypromellose, lactose, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide etc.
These tablets are available in three different powers and that are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg and each contains almost same key ingredients. 

The appropriate administration

The effectiveness of a medication solely depends on the appropriate administration of it and in the case of Viagra, there are a few consideration that the consumers must take into consideration. 

As per the normal recommendation, the usual dosage is 50mg (1 tablet) a day and this should be taken at around 30-60 minutes prior to the sexual activity since this may take that much time for the medicine to start the action although, it is needed to keep in mind that the timing may vary from 30 minutes to four houses to come into action. It can be taken with or without food and along with a glass of water. The effectiveness of the medication is expected to remain 3-4 hours long.
Moreover, the exact medication will also depend on various things like - the consumers health stability, bodyweight and other medical conditions.

The adverse impacts of Viagra

There are a few side effects of Viagra that are very mild in nature and can be avoided with appropriate medications. Here are some of the examples:
Dry mouth
Low blood pressure

We are Warning!
When you use anabolic steroids with or without your knowlegde about them can be harmful for your body. They can also cause deaths. We suggest, you must choose the brand of products and shop from trustfull stores. Our company warns you about all side effects and risks about these products. And we do not accept any responsibility about side effects and problems. Btw we do not offer these products under 20 years old. Unconscious steroid and medicine use can be dangerous and harmful. They can disease your body and your psychology.

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