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Melanotan 2 MT2 Gen-Shi Labs.


MT-2 *Melanotan* 10 mg vial GENSHI LABS. OSAKA JAPANWhat Is Melanotan 2 MT2 Gen-Shi Labs. ?Melanotan 2 - The new way of getting bold and beautiful lookWith the scorching sun above our head it is penetrating harmful UV rays deep into the skin. As..

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MT-2 *Melanotan* 10 mg vial GENSHI LABS. OSAKA JAPAN

What Is Melanotan 2 MT2 Gen-Shi Labs. ?

Melanotan 2 - The new way of getting bold and beautiful look

With the scorching sun above our head it is penetrating harmful UV rays deep into the skin. As we all know that UV ray is very harmful to us because it is one of the prominent cause of skin cancer and other skin related problems. One of the biggest cause of skin cancer in the world is UV rays emitted from the sun. Nowadays people are getting more conscious about their skin color, wanted to know the reason - Melanin.

Melanin is a natural brown pigment of human body which gives color to skin, hair and eyes. melanin are produced by body cells known as melanocytes which increase their production in exposure to sun. Melanin is body's natural defense system for skin to protect it from sun. Quantity of melanin differ in dark-skinned and light-skinned people. People with dark-skin color or better called as tanned skin have more melanin as compared to light-skinned people which means tanned people are highly protected from sun than light skinned. People in certain part of the world who have naturally light skin are using various skin tanning techniques. One of the widely popular method isMelanotan 2.

Uses of Melanotan 2

Melanotan 2 is a chemical which influence body's natural pigmentation melanin to create a protective layer of tanning prior to UV exposure thereby preventing the possibility of skin cancer. Melanotan 2 influence pigmentation, energy homeostasis, appetite, etc. These are available in the form of freeze dried peptide to be taken by injecting it under the skin. These were initially produced to reduce skin cancer rates but later are used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to have a tanning look and to suppress appetite.

Some other benefits of Melanotan 2 are: 

· Less exposure to sun - Melanin need exposure to sun for producing tan whereas Melanotan 2 when exposed to sun takes comparatively less time in producing tanning effect on the body.
· Dosage flexibility - Initially small dose of Melanotan 2 is taken daily continuing till the user get desired pigmentation. Later the intake of dosage can be reduced to once every couple of weeks to maintain the pigmentation level.
· Long lasting Tan - Even after entirely stopping dosage, the tan last for several months without much exposure to sun. But if exposed on a regular basis then the tan lasts only for a month. Tan generated by Melanaton 2 lasts longer than natural tan.

Side-Effects of Melanotan 2 ;

The side-effects are probably for a short-term that includes nausea, appetite loss, increased libido, facial flushing, etc mostly noticeable during the early days of treatment and fades away by time. But to protect you from skin problem try Melanotan 2.

We are Warning!
When you use anabolic steroids with or without your knowlegde about them can be harmful for your body. They can also cause deaths. We suggest, you must choose the brand of products and shop from trustfull stores. Our company warns you about all side effects and risks about these products. And we do not accept any responsibility about side effects and problems. Btw we do not offer these products under 20 years old. Unconscious steroid and medicine use can be dangerous and harmful. They can disease your body and your psychology.

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