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What is GetMoney?

How to win Get Money?

We have started get Money programe. You can win Get Money as you make shopping and you can write review under products and Win 100 Get Money is equal 1 USD($). You can write maximum 10 review under products. 10 Reviews are equal 1000 Get Money. 1000 Get Money is equal 10 $.You can use your Get Moneys with your all shoppings. And second way to win Get Money, Make shopping from Getroids1.net and Win Get Money. All of our producs have Get Money Gift.
For Example Roid Plus. Testosterone Enanthate is 20 $, when you complete your order , our admins will add you Get Money(s). Each products have different Get Money Value. So you can earn getmoney up to %5. When you use discount coupon you will not earn getmoney.

How to Spend Get Money(S)?

You can collect Get Money by writing reviews , and make shopping. You can use it with complete order or you can mark down from your shopping basket price.

Is There A Time Limit To Use Get Money(S)?
No, there is no time limit to Use Get Money(s). You can use them every time. No deadline.