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10 Best Ways For Bodybuilding
10 Best Ways For Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is one of the most preferred sports. Even if there is no racing logic, one can seriously do this sport in order to achieve a more muscular and lean body. Women are usually able to exercise this sport for their health, as well as for steep hips and a smooth posture with sharper contours. On the other hand, male athletes do bodybuilding to be more muscular, stronger and more aesthetic than their health aspects. Contrary to what is said, the bodybuilding sport is unfortunately not the case with lifting and lifting dumbbells. It is by no means possible to gain muscle mass so easily. Bodybuilding is a sport that requires great seriousness and discipline. Compared to other sports, it is not a sport that focuses on training rather than nutrition, but on the contrary, it is a sport whose main point is nutrition. The key point is definitely nutrition and the importance of training comes later.

1-Adequate nutrition and meeting the needs

As we have written above, nutrition is the most fundamental point of this work. This is a serious problem if you beat yourself too much during your training and can't give your frayed muscles the nutrients they want. If you make it a habit, muscle loss is an inevitable end. You should give your body 2 to 3 grams of protein per kg. If you are an ectomorph body type 3500-4000, if you have a mesomorph and endomorph body type 3000-3500 calories to be sure to take care. If there is fat, you can reduce the amount of calories. It is very important that you get these calories from foods that are high in carbohydrate sources. You can get vitamin and mineral supplements.

2-At least 3-4 days per week to do weight training

 This is a very important point. Training is one of the most important issues after alimentation and should not be missed. If you want to burn fat or want to develop muscle, weight training is a must. It is a great mistake not to give weight to cardio exercises by not doing weight training. Cardio at the end of weight training is a fact that should be practiced. Performing cardio exercises before training will adversely affect our training performance, shorten our training time, and at the same time reduce weight. Doing interval training as a cardio would be a better move. Rather than running at the same tempo for hours, it will be more useful to train for different periods at shorter intervals.

3-Have a good rest

After a good nutrition and good training, the most important chain ring is rest. The muscles are tired and worn. After giving them the necessary nutrients, we need to give them time to repair and develop. Many anabolic hormones are released during sleep. Therefore, having a good night's sleep is exactly what the body wants and needs.

4- Use Food Supplement

Athlete support foods are natural sports supplements that will support us at the points where our nutrition is insufficient. You can use Whey Protein, Amino Acid, Creatine, L-carnitine, Cla and Multivitamin. They will support you according to your goals. 

5-Avoid Excessive Training!

You should avoid excessive training. Tiring too much to feed your muscles will result in muscle losses rather than muscle growth. For this reason, it will be appropriate to do your training according to your nutrition.

6-Do Not Reset Oil Consumption

Whether fat burning or muscle development, healthy fats have many benefits. You can meet an average of 20% of your daily calorie needs from healthy fats. In this case, your fat burning will increase to the maximum level.

7-Do not miss the warm-up exercises

Warm-up movements before training are very beneficial for the body. What prepares us for training is warm-up exercises. We can get under very heavy weight during training and the risk of injury is very, very high. Therefore, a good warm-up makes us ready for training.

8-Make sure to stretch

After warm-up, do streching exercises before starting training, during movements and after training. These exercises will increase the range of motion of our muscles and minimize the risk of injury. In addition, the ruptured muscles during training can be opened more with streching exercises and therefore can directly affect the increase in muscle mass.

9-Do the movements correctly

Accurate movements are equal to maximum muscle development. The more we operate our muscles at the right angles, the more tension we have on the muscles. In addition, we can face the risk of injuries and disability with the wrong movement.

10-Put a little more on each workout

You have certainly heard that our body gets used to everything. Our body will get used to our training after a while. We must make our movements at different styles. It is better to do your exercises with different sets and movement numbers.