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10 Best Bodyweight Exercises Recommended for Building Muscles
10 Best Bodyweight Exercises Recommended for Building Muscles

Bodybuilders, athletes, and even fitness enthusiasts remain attentive towards their fitness routine. Fitness exercises practiced regularly allow you to develop muscle, strengthen bones, and attain fitness. But different exercises can provide different results, hence, it is important to learn about the right exercise routine to follow.


The secret to build up strong muscles lies in bodyweight exercises practiced by the bodybuilders and athletes. Here, we have listed top 10 bodyweight exercises to practice that will help in attaining muscle.


The Most Effective Bodyweight Exercises to Follow

To begin with, you can follow the order in which we give here the bodyweight exercises:


1. Groiners

This is one of the best warm-up exercises to follow before starting the real ones. The dynamic stretch of your legs getting on side of your hands is a good bodyweight exercise. It pumps blood to all the muscles in the lower body that decreases the risk to suffer strain or injury.


2. Press-Ups

This is an age old form of bodyweight exercise that charges every muscle of your body. 20 reps of this exercise will develop enough body tension to enhance your efficiency to build up abs. To avoid accident or injury, keep your hands at a parallel distance and underneath the shoulders.